“Production companies, corporations, marketing agencies and multi-media producers alike, are more aware than ever of the positive impact that video can have for their clients, target audience and their business. Creative sound design, along with the right music and other elements, helps keep the viewer more interested and engaged, thereby increasing the odds of the original production goals being realized. With the desire for video content continuously increasing, we are completely setup and ready to implement these creative audio services into their workflow.”
                                                   - Stephen Harrison - Owner/Designer/Mixer

About Us

The Audio Suite, one of Arizona’s leading audio post and music production facilities was first launched in the summer of 2006 by veteran sound engineer Steve Harrison. After 22 successful years in Toronto and Los Angeles, Steve made the move to Phoenix and quickly seized upon the idea of opening and managing his own studio. After enduring the initial growing pains of starting up in any new market, The Audio Suites business grew substantially, serving clients in California, Nevada, Georgia and Texas, along with a growing list of companies right here in the Phoenix area. Today, The Audio Suite continues its successful run, handling a variety of projects from a diverse set of clients and creative artists.

Whether it’s for the film, broadcast, music or multi-media industries, The Audio Suites goal has always been to provide its clients with an uncompromising level of personalized service and technical expertise. Creating the right work environment and knowing what it takes to bring the artists vision to life are essential ingredients for the success of any production in this industry. The Audio Suite understands these key principles and strives to optimize the conditions for achieving excellence every step of the way until the project is successfully completed.

From trailers to feature films, voice-overs to sound design, commercials to corporate videos, The Audio Suite, with over 35 years of experience, has the tools and the talent to satisfy even the most demanding of clientele. Remaining committed to its goals and delivering the highest standards available to the media arts community is what The Audio Suite is all about.