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Music Production

From demos to major label releases, industrial videos to feature films, radio spots to TV campaigns, how the music is produced is essential to the outcome and success of any project. By produced we mean composed, arranged, recorded, mixed, all of it. Here at The Audio Suite, we can be as involved or as transparent in the creative process as you'd like. We understand the intricacies and complexities of the art form and are passionate about the total collaborative experience.


Whether it's recording a single voice or an involved musical composition, The Audio Suite has the tools and talent to help create the sound you're looking for. The studio has 3 recording areas to accommodate the needs of composers, producers and musicians alike. With good sight lines for the musicians, individual headphone mixes, various instruments available, The Audio Suite delivers a music production package to suit anyone's production style.


Tapping into 25 years of experience mixing music, The Audio Suite is ready to put the finishing touches on your next project. Whether in stereo or 5.1, this is where getting that perfect balance is so important. With over 120 tracks, more than 250 plug-ins and 4 sets of monitors in an acoustically tuned environment, we've got you covered on your next music production.


Now that you've got your mix polished just the way you want it, getting your music delivered at the right levels for CD duplication or broadcast requires a special set of tools and techniques. The Audio Suite utilizes 3 sets of mastering plug-ins that can prepare your project for the next stage... the consumer market. So whether you're finishing up your own CD, submitting your work for film and television productions or preparing it for web-based multi-media promotions, you can trust the final product will satisfy all your delivery needs.