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Audio Post Production

Drawing on extensive experience within the television, film marketing, commercial advertising and DVD home entertainment industries, The Audio Suite has the capacity to handle all your post-production needs.

Voice Over / ADR

Whatever your production needs, The Audio Suite provides a very comfortable setting for doing all types of VO recording or ADR work. Sessions requiring the talent to be in the booth for a very long time will find it especially relaxing. Phone Patch is also available for directors or producers calling into the studio.

Sound Design

Whether it's designing one particular effect or creating a full spectrum of sound, The Audio Suite has the resources, technology and talent needed to produce a sonic experience that enhances and supports the overall theme of your production. With over 30 sound effects libraries to choose from, the choices and creative possibilities are endless.

Editing and Sweetening

Sound editorial is an essential stage in any audio post-production process. Dialog, sound effects and music all need to work cohesively. The sum of these parts will ultimately determine the overall effectiveness of each editorial decision made along the way, so the details are very important. Getting these elements just right is the key to a successful final outcome on any project. We call it audio surgery and love every minute of it.


From television series, commercials and promos to documentaries, trailers and feature films, the final mix brings all the hard work together. Whether it's in stereo or 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound, it's the pinnacle of the post-production experience for many producers and filmmakers in this industry. The Audio Suite understands the importance of this process and continues its dedication to providing our clients with superior results and the satisfaction they've come to expect.

Sound Supervision

To ensure all aspects of your sound are handled correctly, The Audio Suite can partner with you and help guide your project through the post- production process on through to completion.

Audio Restoration

Through advanced restoration and noise reduction techniques, The Audio Suite can clean, restore and prepare your original source material with superior results for production or archival purposes. For those of you with 1/4" master tapes you'd like to preserve, we can transfer them into Pro Tools and generate either audio CD's or digital files for future use.