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Recent News

Automatik continues its production of Web Based Training Modules for Honda, Acura, Toyota & Scion, recording & mastering all narration here at The Audio Suite.

Big Picture Lab out of Austin, TX joins forces with The Audio Suite, to complete a series of B2B marketing videos for Hewlett Packard. The videos showcase HP's latest technology & services, using both 2-D animation & 3-D motion graphics. Sound design & music played a key role in bringing these videos to life.

The STEM Journals television series on Cox7 Arizona, resumes its production schedule this fall & returns to The Audio Suite for complete sound editorial & mixing services. Produced by COX Creative Studios, David Routt & Frank Kraljic.

Peter Lasser Productions from Atlanta, GA was back in the studio for another round of play-x-play VO recording for ESPN's Cheerleading Worlds 2014 with on-camera hosts Amy Bender & Amanda Borden.

Producer Ruben Angelo along with director Kevin R. Phipps, have checked back into the studio to begin audio post production on their latest feature film, GRIEF.

Mixed here at the studio, Dead In 5 Heartbeats, the new feature film written & directed by Jeff Santo, continues its theatrical tour across the country. Playing to packed theaters everywhere it goes, the DVD release this fall is sure to be a hit with MC's & their fans.

Lisa Scarfuro, executive producer from Mona Lisa Films, was in for the final mix on her new feature length documentary The Vision of Paolo Soleri. This compelling life story about the famous Italian architect who came to Arizona in the 1940’s to study with Frank Lloyd Wright & later created Arcosanti, is scheduled to hit major festivals this fall.

Currently in the final stages of production, The Power Shootout, produced by Cameron Trejo Films, has scheduled time in the studio this fall for audio post & final mixing. The historical documentary details the events that surrounded a tragic shootout in southern Arizona in 1918 & the manhunt that followed.

Filmed in the ruins of an ancient Italian ghost town, the experimental feature length suspense thriller Murder In The Dark takes improv filmmaking to the next level. After extensive dialog editing, sound design & pre-mixing here at the studio, the film went onto Skywalker Ranch for additional ambience design & final mix. The film is scheduled for festivals & DVD release this fall. The behind the scenes documentary is in production now.

As a current member of the APA and IFP, The Audio Suite remains committed to serving and supporting the film and television community in Arizona, by continuing to offer discounted services to its members.