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Steve Harrison - Owner/Chief Engineer

You know when you begin to realize just how passionate you are about something, and your work just becomes a natural extension of that emotion. Well that's exactly how it happened to me. Although I didn't realize it at the time, my love of music and the response it generated was purposefully leading me towards the career path I"m currently walking on.

After many years of rockin' and rollin' behind the drums and listening to music 16 hours a day, I became so curious and fascinated with the making of records, I just had to answer the call. How were these artists that I admired so much creating their masterworks in the studio? It was then that my pursuit for this exclusive knowledge began. My path had been chosen.

For the next 10 years I trained, interned and worked at the finest studios in Toronto, getting exposure to virtually every recording and mixing set-up imaginable. It was priceless. But as many engineers experience, things ran their course and the time had come to stretch out and explore new opportunities. Much like I'm doing right now. The choices then were either LA or NY and after careful deliberation LA came out on top. So in 1988 I set out again on yet another quest into the unknown.

In 1989 I finally landed a job at Westlake Audio in Hollywood, CA. It was a dream come true. From day one I was working with some of the best engineers, producers, artists and musicians in the world. From Bruce Swedien to Mick Guzauski...Glen Ballard to David Foster... Natalie Cole to Rod Stewart... Nathan East to Vinnie Colaiuta. I was among pop music's biggest hit makers and most respected players everyday. It was awesome.

Six years later it was time to go it alone...I ventured out into the real world of freelance engineering. This is the make it or break it period for so many of us in this field. Like anything else it had its ups and downs, highs and lows, but I had some incredible experiences along the way that I wouldn't change for the world.

Nevertheless, after my first son was born, I was ready to settle into something a little more steady and secure. So after about 5 or 6 years of the freelance grind, I decided to get into audio post-production for a change of pace. From 2001 until the summer of 2006, I mixed episodic television, film trailers, radio and TV commercials, DVD teasers, promos, featurettes and commentary, as well as interactive game trailers for the biggest clients in the industry. It was a good run, but once again I could feel change on the horizon. I had been looking for the right opportunity to make the jump to Arizona with my family, and when the studio became available, the timing seemed just right. So here I am on yet another journey down the long, winding, unpredictable road of life.